Delicious Honey from the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

For the Love of Friends, Family, and Good Food!
  Family Traditions.
From One Generation to another.

From the Beautiful North Shore of Oahu…

Our Hawaiian honey is derived from mango orchards, citrus, papaya & banana farms,  rainforests, and groves of kiawe, eucalyptus & ironwood, where our bees gather nectar and produce the most delicious honeys in the world!

Our Hawaiian Honey Mission

North Shore Hawaiian Honey Bee was created so that the world could experience the taste of fresh Hawaiian honey.  Our goal is to make fresh, local Hawaiian honey to be affordable for everyone.  That’s why our Hawaii honey is half the price of the farmers market honey sellers!  It’s also important to us that we share the benefits of honey with our customers, and help you get back to a healthy, natural diet.  Finally, we take good care of our bees, providing a good home during a time when bees are vanishing world-wide.

A Family Tradition

We are a small, family-owned operation.  From one generation to another, we pass down the art of beekeeping and the secrets of the finest honey production.  Check out our Hawaiian Honey Bee gallery above to see our little beekeeper having fun with the hive!

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